Monday, July 19, 2010

Facing challenges head on

I knew that moving forward to better health would be a challenge. It is. Life happens around you as you are living and moving toward better health. Right now, my father is at the end of his life, literally. He has an aggressive form of esophagus cancer, which will be relentless until it claims him. It is untreatable. He is coming to terms with the inevitable, as are we, his adult children. He has had a long life, which he characterized last night as “satisfactory.” He will be moving into hospice in the next day or two. I wrote earlier that my father would never receive a father of the year award, but despite that, he is a human being, and he gave me life. Strong emotions are present and emerging.

As you can imagine in any significant life event like this one, I will be challenged to maintain my new resolve toward healthy eating. I do not see myself eating so much out of emotion, but am concerned that I will be surrounded by so many foods and such a vast quantity of foods that I (we all) enjoy (comfort food some to mind) during this time. So many family members will be coming to say good-bye and many will be staying with us. Thus there will be different people preparing food and I envision more snack type items available. Yikes! How to get through this?? Scary. My usually resolve is wavering. Thus I am blogging. I have been so good about “planning ahead.” Can I continue to do this even when faced with the challenges that will come my way??

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