Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Nine!

I am someone who likes to have real life contexts of things that are nebulous. Obviously, I have a great deal of weight to subtract from my current mass to be healthy. But what does this look like? Some folks think about dog food or other tangible objects, like flour or potatoes. My tangible reference point will be my grandbabies. Let me introduce them to you and their approximate real time weights.

Baby Noah: 10 months weighs in at 20.5 pounds:

Aiden: A healthy and vibrant three year old who weighs in at 31 pounds.

Han: A talkative and expressive 3.5 year old who weighs in at about 32 pounds.

Owen: A boy with loads of energy who weighs in at 44 pounds.

Ellery: A girl with spunk who weighs in at 42 pounds.

Nani: A sports girl who weighs in at 62 pounds:

Now, remember that bike and carrier picture from a few posts ago? Well, I have that bike carrier because I tend to pedal around town with one or two of the babies. I prefer actually to bike with them because it helps me to keep in mind how much extra baggage I am carrying around. When I tow Ellery up and down the Linden Hills, I know I am lugging around 42 extra pounds. I also know I need to shed at least 42 pounds. My body has been lugging around those extra pounds (at least equivalent to Ellery) for 10 years! So, those babies keep the weight and the pounds real for me. What about you? What works for you to keep it tangible and real?

What I am eating:

1 cup serving of TJ (Trader Joes) Raisin Bran clusters with .5-cup milk: 190 + 60=250
1/3 of 9-inch banana: 45
OJ: 5 ounces=74

WW Toast with 1/2 bananas: 100 + 36
1 serving milk: 102

Grapes: 1 cup 100
Multi grain crackers about 140
Deli turkey: 140
Granola bar: 120
Dried apricots: 55

Salad with a small amount of turkey: 100
Grapes: 100
Cauliflower: 1 cup: 20

Total for today: 1382

Exercise: Yesterday: once around Lake Harriet (3.5 mile); today, to Kowalski's and back: 2 miles total. It was a rainy day again-so goal for tomorrow is get the biking back up!!!!!!!

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