Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 6

It case you have not noticed it is the World Cup Soccer Tournament. My family is crazy intense over the World Cup Soccer because my hubby is from the Netherlands! If you have not heard, the Dutch beat Brazil by 2-1 and are going on to the semi-finals! I do not know the statistics but it has probably been more than 30 years since the Dutch made it this far. When the Dutch scored that second goal, I could feel the Netherlands as a land mass rising above sea level because so many Dutch folks were jumping, leaping and springing in the air. Another round of tasty beverages, please. Here is what the NY Times has to say:

The Netherlands scored twice in the second half to stun the five-time champion Brazil, 2-1, in the World Cup quarterfinals on Friday, the biggest Dutch win in the tournament since the team’s glory days in the 1970s.

I begin today with a re-cap of the Dutch game because watching that game around the TV was a huge family event. A breakfast extraordinaire with a waffle bar no less. Fabulous waffles from scratch. Whipping cream. Real Maple syrup. Butter. Fresh fruit. Yum. You get the picture. I am HAPPY to report that I did not have a taste, a bite, or a lick of any of the waffle bar items except for the fresh fruit and nuts. I planned for it by bringing a little lunch box type cooler with some fruit, milk and 1 cup of the organic raisin bran cereal that I have been eating this week. Another victory over food for me!

What I am eating today:

1 cup serving of TJ (Trader Joes) Raisin Bran with .5-cup milk: 190 + 60
.5-cup strawberries: 26
walnut: 48

1 cup of grapes with 1 cup of strawberries: 150

PB on WW with banana: 100 + 23

1 cup of grapes with 1 cup of strawberries: 100 + 45

Buns, hamburger, whole wheat, 114
Grass fed beef, ground, hamburger, BBQ, 10% fat: about 250
Corn, white, sweet, cob, kernels, frzn, 80
Baked Beans, Boston recipe, canned, 170

Total so far:

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