Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 17, chips and a cookie!

Where did you spend your beautiful summer day today?? Inside? Well, not me! Here are a few glimpses of where I spent the day....

Today I spend the whole day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum leading a small group of teachers in citizen science field work (counting phenophases-ask me about these sometime). No kidding. I can hardly imagine a better place to be on a beautiful summer day but in an outdoor haven of botanical wonder.

I bring this up, not just to rub it in a little, especially if you were indoors, but, to document to you, my reader(s) that this kind of a day reminds me again of why I am making the decision that I am to get healthier: the world we live in, the natural world, is breathtakingly beautiful.

Being at the ARB meant one other thing for me today: box lunches. I played it safe by ordering a roast beef (like I do at Subway). I expected a piece of fruit, but alas, none. Instead I found myself face to face with a bag of potato chips, and good ones made with sea salt no less (if you know me this is one of my favorite junk foods) and a chocolate chip cookie. What to do? Ruminate of course. While I ate my sandwich, I ruminated (pun intended) and made the decision to EAT them both. The chips were 210 calorie and I guessed the cookie (about 2.5 inch in diameter) was also about 200. This would be my splurge for the week. So, I ate them s-l-o-w-l-y… s-l-o-w-l-y… and enjoyed every single morsel and do not feel one bit guilty. Nope, not one bit. What is happening to me?? No guilt. No feeling like I need another cookie or another chip. By enjoying them, I gave myself a little gift, a little present (and it is not my BD month!). That was all. You see, I am transforming and uncovering the new me. And discovering that I have more resolve then ever about getting healthier. And this is how I will do it: eat healthy, most of the time, but when I choose to eat something that is not healthy, enjoy it. Period. Enjoy food. Period. I love to eat good food. Those potato chips were good. That cookie was delicious. Yum.

No exercise yesterday (swallowed up by the course I am teaching) but today: 7 miles on the bike (45 minutes!!). Love, the new me....

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