Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 13!! & Unexpected Tenderness

Do you walk through life with a partner? I do and I know I am fortunate. Today I witnessed something poignant, touching and tender with my life's partner. My elderly father is declining. He is almost 90, so the fact that he is declining is not really a surprise. We took my father to a GI guy today, my spouse and I. Now, my father would never garner a father-of-the-year award, but he is my father. There we were in the doctor’s office where my father had just had his vitals, including BP taken by a medical assistant. The medical assistant finished all the intake items and left the room, leaving my father’s flannel shirt rolled up and unbuttoned. My life’s partner reached over rolled the sleeve down and buttoned the old guy up. And patted him on the arm. This was such a small act of dignity and kindness; extraordinarily every day, but tender, touching and poignant. And this was his father-in-law, no less! And a grumpy and ornery old guy, too!

I bring this little story up here because part of this whole uncovering thing is to make it possible that I WILL continue to share my life with this fabulous human being and that the life I share is healthier and much more fit. The health risks that I have put between us are life threatening and serious: the risk of diabetes being number 1. I do not want that life for me or for him. Thus, move more and eat less. Cha, cha, cha.

Speaking of eating less: this was the highest calorie day so far: 1576 calories since I started blogging. For the first time since I started on this journey I felt hungry. I figured out by the end of the day why: no snacks. No grapes. No fruit. Easy fix: hop on the bike and get to Kowalski's (which made it a 30 minute exercise day)!!!!

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