Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 11

Do you like the taste of water? Well, it is not my favorite. If I gulp a glass of water on a hot day, I get sick in my stomach. But of course water is GOOD for you. So, here is what I did today after 42 minutes on my bike: used filtered Britta water, added ice and one slice of lime, quartered and poured it all in a frosty pint glass (Bar Harbor Brewing Co. no less). Yum.

After a good bike ride or exercise I like to have a little something to eat. If you have read my blog "What I am Eating Today" entries, you know I like to eat strawberries and grapes. Today, I notched it up a bit by putting one cup of blue berries, strawberries and grapes in a small bowl. Eating it out of a bowl with a small fork allows me to think this is something special, which it is!! Here is a picture:

Biking: I finished my ride for today. I decided today that I will document my exercise my number of minutes vs distance biked, walked or whatever. As I get faster, I will do more. Today, I feel inspired to ride the bike and that is because of Lance. Yep. Lance Armstrong. I am a Tour junkie (and so is my son), especially about him. You can follow it here: ( For me, it is not just about the Tour. It is about how Lance overcame serious obstacles. Most people know about his testicular cancer and remarkable recovery, but few people know that Lance was tagged as one of “those” kids-hyper active-type in school. He of course, turned his energy to athleticism. And the rest is history. So, when the Tour is going on (Today is Stage 4), I am inspired to stick with biking through Lance.

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