Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 10 and Semi-Finals of World Cup Soccer!

It is the Semi-Final Match today at 1:30 between Uruguay-Netherlands at the World Cup in South Africa! I predict a sea of orange across the country with life standing still at kick-off.

The dutch won 3-2! They are on the way to the final match. Hope they play with greater skill then they did today....

I am happy to report that I survived a World Cup Lunch with the Fam by planning ahead for the BLT and the griesmel. This is a pudding made with semolina flour. Delicious! We continued our celebration by taking the boat out once more to Lake Johanna. Another victory-not a single, not a single, peanut M & M!!!!!

What I am eating:
1 cup serving of TJ (Trader Joes) Raisin Bran clusters with .5-cup milk: 190 + 60=250 (Kind of boring, but filling)
OJ: 5 ounces=74

BLT on WW, lettuce with tomatoes: Bacon 120, bread 200+ 20
Grisemel (a Dutch pudding) with 1.5 cups of milk: 153 + 65 sugar and mel

Grapes: 1 cup 100

Grapes: 1 cup 100
.5 cup Greek Yogurt (Non fat) with strawberries: 60 + 45
1 large apple: 150
7 whole almonds: 68

Total for today: 1405

Almost forgot: I did increase my exercise: 7.5 miles on bike!


  1. Hi Michele - Your focus on planning and preparation is great. Thanks to you, I'm thinking healthy too. Move more, eat less!! The move more turns out to be harder for me than the eat less. But I have a question for you. Should this be about "victory over food"? That sounds very combative to me. Food isn't your enemy. Food is just food. The book Mindful Eating mentions 7 kinds of hunger. That has really made me think a lot. What is your victory really over??

  2. Carolyn,
    What is my victory about:
    That is a great and profound question (and I would expect nothing less from you!). Today I believe my victory is over complacency more than anything. Being complacent sprinkled with denial begets inertia. I have simply not taken care of myself nor developed the discipline (which is so much a part of other parts of my life) around food and healthy habits. I know there are emotional issues, too, for me around food, like everyone else, but it is the complacency that I see as the largest issue right now. In short: for me, and today, it is really a victory over laziness. But stay tuned, I am sure my thoughts with iterate into something else tomorrow…