Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Life has been a blur these past 10 days. So much has happened and is happening. Tomorrow is my last day teaching my summer course at the U. This is the first time that I have had the pleasure to work with a small group of teachers. They worked incredibly hard on their citizen science research. We did field research with a few wildflowers looking at their phenophases across various elevations in a rolling prairie. I posted some pictures a while back. But, here are a few more.

This picture is of Gray Headed Coneflower. The flower in the foreground is in "full"flower while those on the sides are in "first" flower.

These next two are of Canadian Goldenrod. The first one is "first" flower and the second one "full" flower. Our research group studied the impact of these flowering stages as a function of elevation.

My father is back at home in assisted living. He left the hospital in incredibly good spirits, as we all are when we get to go home. Hospice is involved now in his care. It is amazing that he has no pain.

So, yes, life has been a blur for me these past 10 days. But, I continue to be pretty strong about my healthy eating habits, and this is not always easy. At the U they order the most fantastic and delicious food for all the instructors and teachers, including me. Imagine being tempted by Middle Eastern or Mexican food or some other great and non-traditional luncheon items. It was hard not to say no on a couple of days. But, again I found my best ammunition is planning ahead. Most days, I brought my lunch.

Through the blur I let my exercise go. I have not been on my bike for 8 days- the longest all summer. It is back in the saddle by Thursday for me!


  1. Hi Michele -
    So sorry to hear about your dad. But VERY impressed that you mindfully ate chips & a cookie!!! We also have beautiful prairie flowers right now on our property. I am still moving more, eating less, at least most days. I continue to find you an inspiration.

  2. Hi C,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. It has been a good month. I feel tremendous resolve. Thanks for your supportive words. M