Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Butt!!

The exact words uttered by the five-year-old grandbaby were “Oma’s big butt” as I was getting into the boat and climbing up the ladder over the Fourth of July weekend. Makes you kind of cringe, doesn’t it? Out of the mouth of babes… Ouch! I have been “labeled!” But, (pun intended), this is a true statement and an excellent observation. I have a big bottom, derriere, butt, tush, buns, caboose, taillights, fanny, keister, hinney, rump or seat warmer (there are many more synonyms for butt that I will not use here). So, what do I do in the throes of humiliation from a five year old? I embrace it and use this truthful statement to get me to move more and eat less. As I thought about this comment over the last couple of days, I realized that this is one of my buttons. I am uncovering my buttons and determined to move forward with resolve and a sprinkle of humor. Thus my picture above. What about you? What is your button? How will you overcome your buttons and those that push your buttons on your weigh (pun again!) to a healthier you?

PS: 54 minutes on the bike today!!


  1. You're a riot! I love this.
    But buttons? ME? Have buttons?? I think not!
    You know, in some cultures, a big butt is not only sexy, it's also considered healthy. I'm just saying.

  2. I kind of like this one on one commentary thing... others will eventually join 'specially since now someone labeled me as a riot!

    My other comment to you is this: Well obesity is also a sign of being well nourished in other cultures.

    Happy BD, C!

  3. Your butt is not big! Anyway, having a fuller bottom is whats hot right now. You were just ahead of the trend ;)