Monday, June 28, 2010

Week One: Move more

Today I am happy to blog that I am working on the MOVE MORE goal for this week. I rode my bike, with a carrier for the groceries, for over 1.5 hours and 13 miles, from my home in Minneapolis to Trader Joes in St. Louis Park. I am someone who is motivated to exercise if there is some sort of a destination involved. It is a beautiful, beautiful summer day in Minneapolis. Absolutely excellent to be outdoors riding around, soaking up the sun and gentle wind while moving more!

My super bike and Burley!

I have not yet found a good and easy to use calorie counter on line, but I am still searching. The one I used today is found at:

Two pieces of toast (100 calories per slice), with a tsp of peanut butter and 1 teaspoon (yep, I measured) jam: 260 calorie

8 oz milk with a chewy granola bar (TLC brand PB): 240 calories

piece of toast with lettuce and deli turkey: 200

bowl of 25 grapes (red grapes) 104 calories

Chicken breast with ½ cup of marinara sauce: 160 (chicken) and 50 marinara sauce
Cauliflower: 29 calories

Total: 1043 so far....

But, I forgot the OJ and grapefruit juice (lite): + 200
Total 1243!! (not bad, if I say so myself).

BTW: added in another 5 miles for a total of 18 miles on the bike today!!!

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