Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving forward when eating out...

Day 4:
Last night I faced my first challenge: eating out. The old MJHK would have picked any thing on the menu that appeared to be reasonably healthy. But, the new MJHK who has begun the process of uncovering would not accept that fate. I read over every item on the menu. Twice. Three times. Delicious entrees-Italian, no less, simmered in olive oils, smothered in cheesy sauces, etc. **Can you just imagine their taste in your mouth?** Yum!! Much to my chagrin, no entree level salads were featured on this menu. What to do? Yikes! I can feel myself sliding down the slope….., but alas, my intellect stepped in (just in time): for the first time ever, I asked the wait staff about the possibility of ordering something more than a dinner type side salad. (Gulp). Without skipping a beat, I was informed that yes this could be done and would I like a piece of chicken (yep, grilled) along side?? Perfect. Well, almost. I was so enabled by ordering something reasonably healthy that I forgot to mention "hold the salad dressing." Next time.

Another first to mention to my readers, who ever you are: I talked with my dinner mate, a good friend, about my decisions to begin this journey. As I wrote above, it was tempting, on Day 3 only, for Pete’s sake, to veer right away to my old habits (3 days does not make them old!) and self talk myself into choosing something tasty “only this once” just so I would not need to talk about the obvious. But, the time is here to embrace myself and this journey fully. As we talked, I realized that I am moving out of denial by sharing in real-time conversation what I am up to and why I am doing it. Those feelings are empowering and motivating. Thanks, C, for your support.

Onto mundane things:
So, far:
Cereal (Organic mixed flakes), with milk and serving of strawberries: 190+ 102 +39
OJ with lite grapefruit juice: 104 + 40 +40 = 184

WW Toast with 2 bananas: 100 + 36
1 serving milk: 102

PB on WW: 100 + 23
1 cup of grapes with 1 cup of strawberries: 100 + 45

Subway 6 inch (roast beef) on WW: 320

Dessert (mighty tasty): Trader Joes: Mango/Tangerine Sorbet: 90

Total: 1433.00

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  1. I think it takes a lot of courage not only to undertake an analysis of weight and weight loss issues, but to also blog about it. Our relationship with food is so complicated, and food represents so many important things to at least most of us. I am reading the book "Mindful Eating," by Jan Chozen Bays, who describes different types of hunger: mouth hunger, eye hunger, nose hunger, heart hunger, and more. Any one of these can contribute to our yearning, and our challenge. Cheers!