Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving forward when eating out...

Day 4:
Last night I faced my first challenge: eating out. The old MJHK would have picked any thing on the menu that appeared to be reasonably healthy. But, the new MJHK who has begun the process of uncovering would not accept that fate. I read over every item on the menu. Twice. Three times. Delicious entrees-Italian, no less, simmered in olive oils, smothered in cheesy sauces, etc. **Can you just imagine their taste in your mouth?** Yum!! Much to my chagrin, no entree level salads were featured on this menu. What to do? Yikes! I can feel myself sliding down the slope….., but alas, my intellect stepped in (just in time): for the first time ever, I asked the wait staff about the possibility of ordering something more than a dinner type side salad. (Gulp). Without skipping a beat, I was informed that yes this could be done and would I like a piece of chicken (yep, grilled) along side?? Perfect. Well, almost. I was so enabled by ordering something reasonably healthy that I forgot to mention "hold the salad dressing." Next time.

Another first to mention to my readers, who ever you are: I talked with my dinner mate, a good friend, about my decisions to begin this journey. As I wrote above, it was tempting, on Day 3 only, for Pete’s sake, to veer right away to my old habits (3 days does not make them old!) and self talk myself into choosing something tasty “only this once” just so I would not need to talk about the obvious. But, the time is here to embrace myself and this journey fully. As we talked, I realized that I am moving out of denial by sharing in real-time conversation what I am up to and why I am doing it. Those feelings are empowering and motivating. Thanks, C, for your support.

Onto mundane things:
So, far:
Cereal (Organic mixed flakes), with milk and serving of strawberries: 190+ 102 +39
OJ with lite grapefruit juice: 104 + 40 +40 = 184

WW Toast with 2 bananas: 100 + 36
1 serving milk: 102

PB on WW: 100 + 23
1 cup of grapes with 1 cup of strawberries: 100 + 45

Subway 6 inch (roast beef) on WW: 320

Dessert (mighty tasty): Trader Joes: Mango/Tangerine Sorbet: 90

Total: 1433.00

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keeping track of food calories

Day 3:
I am feeling liberated. Yep. Today I realized that because I am blogging about my weight and my journey to regain better health that I am out. Out in the open. Not hiding. Moving out of denial. That is a powerful step for me. Maybe blogging will be the difference to keep me going. Day three is not much, wait till I get to day 33. Will I still be on this journey or will I have fallen back? Time will tell.

In the meantime, I rode around Lake Harriet twice and then to do errands to Kowalski’s and Walgreens and home. That was another 8-9 miles of biking. Move more. Move more. Move more. Cha, cha, cha!

I need to find another easy to use calorie counter. WEB MB only allows you to input 5 food items. Any tips??

Here is what I am eating:
Bread, whole wheat, 2 slices: 200
Peanut Butter, creamy,1/8, 23
Jam, apricot 1/3, 16
Juice, orange, unswtnd, canned 3/4 cup, 87

Milk, 1%,1, 102
Granola Bar: 137

Bread (same old, same old): 100
3 slices low fat salami: 104
2 olives: 15

Total: 784

Dinner: (Out to eat)
Grilled chicken: approx 140
Salad (This is hard to estimate): Caesar salad, mostly romaine lettuce, but also Parmesan cheese and salad dressing (restaurant style)
Cheese, Parmesan, shredded, 41
Salad Dressing, Caesar, svg, 133
Cheesy bread: 142
Total: 1240 for day 3, again an approximate

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week One: Move more

Today I am happy to blog that I am working on the MOVE MORE goal for this week. I rode my bike, with a carrier for the groceries, for over 1.5 hours and 13 miles, from my home in Minneapolis to Trader Joes in St. Louis Park. I am someone who is motivated to exercise if there is some sort of a destination involved. It is a beautiful, beautiful summer day in Minneapolis. Absolutely excellent to be outdoors riding around, soaking up the sun and gentle wind while moving more!

My super bike and Burley!

I have not yet found a good and easy to use calorie counter on line, but I am still searching. The one I used today is found at:

Two pieces of toast (100 calories per slice), with a tsp of peanut butter and 1 teaspoon (yep, I measured) jam: 260 calorie

8 oz milk with a chewy granola bar (TLC brand PB): 240 calories

piece of toast with lettuce and deli turkey: 200

bowl of 25 grapes (red grapes) 104 calories

Chicken breast with ½ cup of marinara sauce: 160 (chicken) and 50 marinara sauce
Cauliflower: 29 calories

Total: 1043 so far....

But, I forgot the OJ and grapefruit juice (lite): + 200
Total 1243!! (not bad, if I say so myself).

BTW: added in another 5 miles for a total of 18 miles on the bike today!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week One: Eat Less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables (Nestle)

With the beginning of a new week, I am taking action to take care of myself.

Week One: "Eat Less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables" (Nestle, 2006). Those simple words are going to be my words to LIVE by throughout my journey to uncover the woman underneath all of this blubber. To eat less I plan to count calories (suggestions for an online calorie counter??). I plan to move more by exercising at least once a day for 30 minutes (walking or biking).

This is and will be a personal journey. I know I am not alone. In the blog sphere alone, I have found many, many blogs written by others who are working toward better health, taming their own demons and thinking about what they eat. I can do this!

Reality check: My weigh in today hovers around 200 lbs. I can do this!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I should know better

Yes, that is true, I should and do know better. But, my body does not listen to my intellect. It has cravings that blot out and erase what I know about good and healthy habits. It is as if a war is going on inside me. Why do I have such a dichotomy? Why do I feel multi-polar. One side tells me: “I know what good choices I should make. Don’t eat that!” but another side of me says "oh, just this once. Tomorrow is another day. I deserve this…” Can I come to grips with what appears more and more to me as an addiction? An addiction to food. Stay tuned…

Just the beginning....

I have put this off way toooo long. This meaning taking care of myself. Getting healthier. Getting out of a viscous cycle of denial. Coming to terms with my health and my downward spiral. Facing the weight demon. I am hoping I will find some strength in blogging about my journey. So, today, marks the day that I start to ruminate (if you know me, you know this is one of my most favorite and luscious words) about what for me is are life goals: to loose weight and to try to come to terms with how I got here in the first place. Oh, mother nature, give me strength.